Home 30S vs Note 5 Pro: Which Ear Camera is Better for You?

With sufficient awareness and education, people are now widely replacing their cotton buds with special ear camera cleaning tools. These tools allow safer and more convenient personal care.

Bebird has been one of the leading brands in this regard. Their Note5 Pro model has been used and loved by millions. The good news is their newer model has arrived; The Home 30S ear cleaner with camera! In this article, we will be making a comparison between these two.

Hence, you will be able to choose the right tool for your needs. With the right decision, ear cleaning will be more efficient, comfortable, and pleasant.

Key Takeaway

This article explores the two Bebird devices: Home 30S vs Note5 Pro. Here is the key takeaway of both these amazing devices:

  • Design: The Home 30S gives off spaceship-like vibes with a capsule center and three accessory cases on the side. The capsule provides safer storage to the kit while all the accessories can be kept safe in a single place in the accessory cases. On the other hand, Note5 Pro offers a simpler and minimal design
  • Lens size: The lens size of the Home 30S is 3.1mm which makes it easier to maneuver in the ear while Note5 Pro has a lens size of 3.2mm. Regardless of the slight difference, they both can easily fit in the ear
  • Lightening: Home 30S has 5 LED lights with 3 white, 1 blue, and 1 UV sterilization LED light. On the other hand, the Note5 Pro features 4 softer LED lights. Hence, Home 30S provides superior illumination along with self-disinfection capability
  • Battery life: The battery life of both devices is extensive. Note5 Pro can work for up to 75 minutes on one charge and Home 30S can easily work for 75-90 minutes
  • Price: Home 30S has more accessories and a flexible camera, making it a bit more expensive than the Note5 Pro. It is $95.99 and the Note5 Pro is $75.99
  • Ear Fluid Application Attachment: Home 30S offers you a unique attachment for the precise application of any ear medication into the ears. Unfortunately, the Note5 Pro does not have this feature
  • Additional Features: Home 30S offers its users an amazing ear observation and cleaning experience through its distinctive features. It has a UV sterilizer lamp that kills pathogens and detachable tweezers which makes the other accessories easier to use. There is also an age scale according to varying ages and a protection plug that ensures accidental deep insertion into the ears. So your experience is not going to be premium but also safe with Home 30S

Comparison Table

Parameters Home30S  Note5 Pro
Price $95.99 $75.99
Camera size 3.1mm 3.2mm
LED lights 3x 0201 white LED, 1x 0201 blue LED,1x 0201 UV sterilization LED 4 soft white LED
UV Sterilization lamp Yes No
Ear Fluid Attachment Yes No
Tweezer Detachable Fixed
Waterproof IPX7 (IPX4 for main unit) IP67
Battery Timing 75-90 minutes 75 minutes
Gyroscope 9-axis gyroscope Gimabled intelligent gyroscope
Flexibility Camera is flexible Camera is rigid
What’s in the Box Main device
Lense brush
Liquid delivery attachment
Ear guard accessories capsule
Tweezers attachment
Ear canal protection plug
Cap for ear-checking
Accessory case for children
Accessory case for elder
Accessory case for a couple
    Main device
    4 Spatula ear tips
    4 Dome ear tips
    4 Sponge ear tips cover
    Observation Hood
    Standing Base
    Soft Swab

        Basic Overview

        Home 30S ar Camera

        The Home 30S ear camera device is the latest release of Bebird and you will surely not be disappointed. It comes with a flexible 10-megapixel ear camera. The camera is 3.1mm wide and can easily move into the ear canal without touching the walls.

        It also has precise ear fluid application attachments that let you safely put any drops into the ear. So if you are a frequent ear medicine user, you are surely going to love it for its convenience. Moreover, the flexibility of the camera also makes it useful for the narrow curves of children's ear canals.

        Note5 Pro Ear Camera

        The Bebird Note5 Pro ear camera is the predecessor of the Home 30S and has been loved by millions all around the world. It has a 3.2mm otoscope that can easily fit into a child’s and the elderly’s ear canal. Therefore, it can be used for ear wax removal and ear inspection in both children and adults.

        The 10-megapixel camera provides a clear view of inside the ear canal and the precious tweezers let you grab the debris or wax buildup effortlessly. At the base of the kit, you will also find silicon tips that can be used to cover the tweezers while in observation mode.

        In addition, you can also connect with professionals in real-time through the Bebird app.

        Home 30S vs Note5 Pro: Which Ear Camera Suits You?

        Flexible Camera

        If we talk about the flexibility of Bebird cameras, the Home 30S certainly takes the lead here. It has a flexible camera that can be easily moved in the curved ear canals. Every person has minor structural differences from the others.

        Therefore, even if all your family members have any differences, you all can benefit from the flexible ear camera of Bebird Home 30S. On the other hand, the Note5 Pro has a rigid camera that might need a bit more expertise in handling.

        Precise Ear Fluid Application

        The Bird Note5 Pro has two main functions: observation and the removal of any foreign bodies or wax from the ear. In contrast, its forerunner, the Home 40S serves some additional functions like precise ear fluid application.

        The device comes with an external liquid delivery attachment. It lets you view inside the ear canal while delivering any liquid into the ear. You can easily estimate how far you need to go and whether you are applying the medication to the right place.

        Being able to visualize the medicine application increases the chances of precise application and effectiveness of the medication.

        UV Sterilizer Lamp

        The chances of an ear infection increase when you are using a contaminated device in the ear. The Home 30S ear camera got your back here as well. It comes with a 0.5x0.25-inch tiny UV sterilizer lamp that disrupts the bacterial DNA chains. As a result, it can eliminate pathogens like bacteria and fungi within 10 seconds.

        The disinfection program can be activated through the Bebird app. So, this device not only guarantees your safety but also maintains hygiene. The Note5 Pro is also safe to use but the hygiene significantly depends upon the user rather than the device.


        Starting from the exterior, the Bebird Note5 Pro is a pen-like device that comes with a cap and a holder. At the holder's base, you will find silicon tips. Similarly, the Home 30S is also a pen-shaped portable device that has a capsule case to hold the accessories.

        You can take out the Home 30S device by clicking on the top of the capsule. The tweezers of Note5 Pro are not detachable while the Home 30S tweezers can be removed. The designs of both these devices are ergonomic. Home 30S looks a bit more innovative while the Note5 Pro is easier to store.

        Camera Specifications

        Let’s move towards the main feature, the camera of Bebird devices! They both provide high-quality images with 10-megapixel resolution. So, you will get a very clear view regardless of the device you are using.

        Note5 Pro has a gimbaled intelligent gyroscope and the Home 30S comes with a 9-axis gyroscope. So, no matter how flexible the camera is. Your image is not going to be blurred. Note5 Pro is 3.2mm and Home 30S is 3.1mm so both can fit and move easily into the ear canal.


        The Bebird Note5 Pro ear wax removal camera comes with 12 ear tips of 3 different types, 5 soft swabs, a standing base, and an observation hood. It is a complete package that should be present in any ear camera kit.

        The Home 30S has an age scale for children. It comes with an ear canal protection plug that can be locked according to this scale. This helps in preventing accidental insertion of the device deep into the ear canal.

        It also has 3 accessory cases: one for children, one for adults, and one for couples. There are also two removable attachments which are tweezer and liquid delivery attachments.


        Both the Home 30S and Note5 Pro are waterproof. The former one has a waterproof rating of IPX7 and its main unit’s rating is IPX4. IPX4 means the device offers protection against water splashes and IPX7 is safe under 1m depth of water for 30 minutes.

        Note5 Pro has a waterproof rating of IP67. This makes both these devices safer to use even if you have liquid wax in your ears. Moroever, the 6 in the rating indicates that it is also dust-proof.

        Battery and Charging

        The battery and charging time of electronic devices matter a lot. What is the use of having a device that runs out of charging without completing its work?

        Both the Note5 Pro and Home 30S have a charging time of 60 minutes. The Note5 Pro can work for 75 minutes with a single charge while Home 30S works for up to 90 minutes. No matter which of the models you are using, you can clean both ears on a single charge.


        The Bebird Note5 Pro is $75.99 and the Home 30S is $95.99 The prices might seem a bit expensive at first but with all the accessories these devices come with, they are surely worth it. In addition, your visits to a specialist will be less so they are going to save you doctor’s fee as well.

        The Final Verdict

        The size, battery timings, and camera specifications of both the Bebird devices are almost similar. Home 30S takes the lead because it has a flexible camera, sterilization lamp, and precise fluid attachment. This makes it more suitable for use at home as even beginners can safely maneuver it in their ears. In contrast, the Bebird Note5 Pro has a rigid camera. So, it might be more durable in the long run making it useful for professional use.

        They both can be used for children and adults. So, the choice depends on your requirements mainly. Knowing one's requirements. Choosing a device accordingly allows more effective personal care thus making your hard-earned money well-spent.

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