World's First
Flexible Ear Camera


Home 30S

Bebird Home 30S is the ultimate ear care device for the modern family. With its sleek design and advanced features, it offers precision ear examinations and safe cleaning options, all from the comfort of home.

World's First Flexible Otoscope

Redefine ear health care with the thinnest otoscope on the market, featuring a 3.1mm camera aperture. It uses AR technology for precise, easy-to-use navigation, enhancing the accuracy and convenience of ear cleaning.

Cost-Effective & Pocket-Friendly

Precision Ear Care at Home

Discover the Bebird Home 30S: a cost-effective ear care tool with precision tweezers for safely removing foreign objects, ideal for children. Perform home ear examinations effortlessly, reducing doctor visits. A quick, effective solution for family ear health.

Redefine Ear Cleaning at Home

Ear Wax Removal Aid

Offering more than ear wax removal, the Home 30S includes attachments for ear fluid application, providing a multifunctional approach to ear care that enhances both functionality and efficiency.

Digital Telehealth Access

Digital remote healthcare offers the convenience of connecting with medical experts anytime, anywhere for real-time consultations and advice. Simply record a video for your doctor to review, with real-time connectivity available through the Bebird APP.

Safe Care Design

Bebird Home30S features medical-grade silicone tips and a UV sterilizer, ensuring hygiene and safety for every use. Its waterproof design and child-safe plugs make it a perfect addition to any household, offering both comfort and convenience.

Ergonomic Personalized Design

For You & Your Family

Perfect for both personalized and family use, Bebird Home30S is equipped with multiple scoop heads, providing individual cleaning options and storage for each family member. It also features child safety mechanisms and personalized alerts, ensuring hygiene and tailored care for everyone.