About Us

BEBIRD® is a technology-based company that integrates R&D, production and sales. We are mainly engaged in ear-cleaning health products. The founder of the team has many years of R&D experience, All the products are sold to over 100 countries,And has over 20 million active users around the world.

Our vision & mission
In our research, we've observed a concerning trend in the world regarding medical equipment – substantial markups leading to highly inaccessible medical devices available primarily through insurance agents, rather than those who genuinely need them. Our goal is to reshape the industry landscape by providing ear care products that are accessible, affordable, and convenient for every family.

Safety concern
At Bebird, we envision a world where ear care is safe, effectiveand hassle-free. We understand that safety concerns are always at the forefront, especially when it comes to home-health products.

Much like the evolution of the automobile industry, where safety improvements such as seat belts and airbags were introduced, Bebird AuriCare represents a modern and safer alternative to traditional ear cleaning methods. With over 20 million satisfied Bebird users worldwide and endorsements from certified doctors, we take our responsibility as an industry-leading brand seriously.

We are committed to enhancing the safety of our product through continuous improvements in hardware, software, accessories, and educational materials. While we provide a safe and effective solution, we also encourage our users to exercise caution and follow instructions carefully for a secure and pleasant experience.