How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Ears Cleaned?

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Ears Cleaned?

Ear wax tends to accumulate and interfere with the normal hearing of a person. Not to mention, how it can also cause loss of balance, pain in the ear, abnormal discharge, impaction, and infections.

Also, the buildup of ear wax is especially common in the summer because of increased sweating. This is also the reason why people go for professional ear wax cleaning.

However, ears can be cleaned at home as well. Therefore, are you wondering “How much does it cost to get your ears cleaned?” and are professional treatments worth it?

If yes, let us talk about it.

Part 1: What are Types of Ear Cleaning Procedures?

Ear cleaning mainly refers to the removal of wax from the ears and here are the 4 methods commonly used for ear wax cleaning.

1. Manual Removal By Healthcare Professional

Manual removal is a commonly used technique to clean the ears. In this procedure, the clinician tilts the client's head to one side, uses an otoscope to visualize the ear, and then takes a scoop to remove the wax manually.

A kidney tray is placed near the shoulders to catch the wax that is removed.

2. Irrigation or Syringing

Irrigation or syringing is the process in which a specific electric irrigator pump is used to put a stream of water with variable pressure into the ear. This pressure breaks the wax into smaller pieces and makes its removal easy.

Any audiologist, licensed nurse, or ENT specialist can perform this procedure. Also, irrigation works well for soft to impacted wax.

3. Ear Wax Softening with Ear Drops

Hard wax cannot be removed directly with manual removal or syringing because there is a risk of damage to the ear canal. In this case, it is essential to soften the wax using ear drops beforehand.

At times, only softening of the ear wax is enough for its removal as movements of the jaw combined with the self-cleaning mechanism of the ear removes the soft wax without the need for any medical intervention.

4. Microsuction

Microsuction is a professional procedure in which a small suction device is used to create a vacuum and pull the wax from the ear. Performed by an experienced clinician, this procedure is considered as the best treatment for cleaning the ears.

In addition to a sucking machine, a microscope is used to visualize the inside of the ear and enhance the results of this treatment.

Part 2: How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Ears Cleaned?

Let us learn about the cost of cleaning ear wax professionally.

Price Range for Professional Cleaning Depending on the Procedure Done

As we discussed there are 4 methods to clean the ear wax, and the cost for each method differs from the other because the procedure and tools used are different.

For instance, the cost of using ear drops is lower as compared to other methods. This is because ear drops can be bought from a pharmacy and used at home while micro suction requires the expertise of a doctor.

Considering different methods of ear cleaning, the professional ear cleaning cost ranges from $50 to $300.

Factors Determining the Total Cost of Ear Cleaning

As there is a lot of variation in the cost of ear cleaning, here are the factors that determine the price of different procedures,

  • Type of procedure used
  • The place of ear cleaning (clinic, hospital, or spa)
  • Location of the clinic
  • Popularity of the clinic
  • Education and expertise of the staff
  • Additional services like otoscopy and follow-ups

Average Price of Ear Cleaning Procedures in Different Regions of the USA

The regions play an important role in determining the overall cost of ear cleaning. So, here is how much ear wax cleaning costs in different states of the USA,

  • $40 to $120 in Los Angeles
  • $50 to $250 in California
  • Around $230 in Florida
  • $100 to $200 in Georgia

Also, the ear wax removal cost in other regions falls in similar categories and ranges anywhere between $25 to $250.

Part 3: Does Insurance Cover Ear Cleaning?

In most cases, ear cleaning is not medically necessary as ears can clean themselves. Rather it is done to reduce the discomfort caused by the accumulation of wax in the ear. Therefore, it is insurance does not cover ear cleaning costs.

However, if you have a condition where ear cleaning is considered medically important and the policy of your insurance includes ear cleaning, you can take the best of the insurance and have your ears cleaned.

Also, even if the insurance covers the cost, you have to pay for the consultation with the doctor. So, carefully check the policy of your insurance and find out if you can get your ear cleaning done for free.

Part 4: Is Professional Ear Cleaning Worth It?

Ear cleaning is an expensive procedure and you might have to get it frequently at times. So, let us find out if it is worth the money.

Benefits of Professional Ear Cleaning

The benefits of professional ear cleaning are given as,

  • It removes impacted and hard wax efficiently
  • There is minimal to no risk of accidental damage to the ear
  • There is little pain or discomfort during the procedure
  • It helps in relieving other symptoms of earwax buildup as well

Considerations for Professional Ear Cleaning Being Worth the Price

Before you go for professional ear cleaning, you have to consider the following factors,

  • The condition of your ear wax and if it is treatable at home
  • The distance of the clinic from your place
  • Cost of traveling
  • Time taken for commuting, appointments, and the procedure
  • Your budget
  • The frequency of treatments

Diagnosing and Treating Mild Ear Conditions at Home

If your ear wax builds up often and you have to get it removed now and then, it must cost you 100s of dollars putting an extra burden on your pocket, right? Well, in this case, how about you do yourself a favor and buy an ear wax removal camera just like the Bebird Note5 Pro Ear Wax Removal Tool Camera?

This medical-grade ear camera will not only help you look inside the ear but also remove wax safely at home. Furthermore, it is useful for all members of the family for diagnosing a variety of ear conditions, removing foreign bodies, and cleaning the ears regularly.


Professional ear wax removal is a safe, and effective procedure for cleaning ear wax. But it can be costly. While several factors determine the final cost of ear wax cleaning, it mostly costs around $50 to $300.

Therefore, you can also buy yourself an at-home otoscope at a lower price and clean you

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