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Bebird AuriCare Note5

The World's First Versatile IoT Visual Ear Cleaner

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Doctors' testimonials


It's a versatile and cost-effective home tool that not only aids in saving money but also proves invaluable for medical professionals. The thought of having it available in the ER is truly enticing.

Dr. Fayez

Whether it's for removing foreign objects, disinfecting the ear, or providing quick relief, this tool is a must-have for both home and professional use.Say goodbye to expensive alternatives.

Dr. Joe

In the realms of healthcare technology, This device seamlessly intertwines with the overarching digital health paradigm, epitomizing the evolution of contemporary healthcare methodologies.

Dr. Bertalan Meskó

The tweezers design is an excellent choice for a high-end device, with great potential in emergency rooms where there is currently a lack of tools to view and remove foreign objects or disinfect the ear.

Jon Rettinger

Bebird AuriCare, When Love Resonates In Every Ear Care Moment

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