Do Ear Candles Work?

Do Ear Candles Work?

Have you ever heard about ear candles to clean the ear wax and treat many diseases?

Ear candles, also known as thermo-auricular therapy, have been used as an effective natural treatment for cleaning ear wax. They are not new they are from ancient times to now. Here is a short background:

  • Ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and Romans considered ear candles holistic ear treatment for spiritual and emotional healing.
  • After some time, people used it to treat physical wounds and ailments, which added to its popularity.
  • Now, people have claimed the benefits of ear candling by treating various medical conditions, including clogged ears, vertigo, headaches, sinus infections, tinnitus, and restoring hearing loss.

Besides all this history, science does not support ear candling. Ear candling has been controversial for a long time, and now the US FDA has warned it is hazardous for children and older people. Even some scientific studies have proven its negative aspects.

What is Ear Candling? How do Ear Candles Work?

Ear candles, also known as cones, are made of wax-coated papers or fabrics rolled to make a cone and put in the ear canal to remove ear wax. The candle is approximately 10 inches long.

How do the ear candles work?

  1. The person lies down with the ear in an upward direction or by tilting towards the shoulder.
  2. Place a towel on the face and neck to protect it from the hot wax. It will save your body area from potential damage from fire to wax.
  3. Now, the person will insert the ear candle from a hole in the circular guard. It is usually a round plate or aluminium foil that helps to accumulate the candle drippings.
  4. The lit candle allows the heat to pass through the hole and melt the ear wax. In this procedure, it is necessary to cut the candle paper or fabric after some time. It avoids the mixing of the candle wax with the ash.
  5. When the paper reaches 4 inches, the candle is blown out. It takes around 15 minutes. To protect the ear from injury, you must be careful that the wax ash does not go inside the ear canal.
  6. The ear candles apply negative pressure and work as a Vacuum. This pressure pulls out the ear wax and any other debris from the ear.
  7. At the end, turn around the opposite side and ooze out the wax.

Do ear wax candles work?

Even though it was frequently used in the past and even practiced in the present, you will not find any scientific studies that declare ear candling the safest method for removing ear wax.

Different scientific studies were performed to understand the efficacy of ear candling for various health conditions such as vertigo, sinusitis, headache, etc. However, no study confirmed the positive results of ear candling as the safest and most beneficial treatment.

Here are some expert opinions related to ear wax candles

1. Dr Zhao’s Stance on Ear Wax Candles

Dr Zhao, a pediatric ENT specialist, has confirmed that ear candling does not work. According to her ear, candles do not produce negative pressure. That is why t does not help to suck the debris or ear wax from the ear. Moreover, ear candling is responsible for minor to major ear injuries. It may be temporary or permanent ear damage. The result is ear blockage or permanent ear drum damage.

Dr Zhao also demonstrated that the research performed to analyze the ear wax after ear candling revealed that burnt beeswax accumulated in the ear instead of regular ear wax.

2. American Academy of Otolaryngolog

The American Academy of Otolaryngology also supports that ear candling does not work. Ear candling is not a safe option for removing ear wax. The institute also considers it a risk for the internal ear. It can damage the sensitive ear drum leading to permanent hearing loss.

3.FDA Response

The US FDA has also highlighted the risk of ear candling. It prohibited the ear candling use and revealed disapproval of its medical benefits. The FDA considers ear candling a harmful method of removing ear wax. The control group during experimentation is exposed to ear candling. It might cause ear damage.

Potential Risks with Ear Candle Usage

Many experts have explained the potential risks of ear candling. Some of the common risks of using ear candling are:

  • You are lying down for the procedure. The dripping wax can fall on your face This can burn your face. You can have pigmentation or scars later on.
  • You may not do this procedure as a beginner. Mishandling can result in fire or any accident. Therefore, you must avoid handling it with raw hands.
  • The eardrum is a thin layer. A little heat can damage it. The melted wax can also perforate your ear drum. So, this method is not eardrum-friendly.
  • The melted wax can block your ear and ear canal. You can loss your hearing. You may experience dizziness.
  • Dirty ear wax can cause ear infections. It causes irritation and itching. Your ear can also bleed.

Alternative methods to clean ear wax

Many alternative methods are better and safer than ear candling. Here are some methods:

  • The easiest alternative is ear drops containing hydrogen peroxide. Their continuous use will soften the ear wax. You can remove it easily.
  • You can also use mineral oil, baby oil, or mustard oil. They lubricate the wax. The wax removal becomes easy.
  • Another option is to use a bulb syringe. In it, you use a syringe filled with saline solution to rinse your ear. After approximately an hour, the soft wax comes out easily.
  • The Bebird Note5 Pro device is also a good alternative and beginner-friendly option. You can check the condition of ear wax at home. It helps to remove clogged ear wax.


There is little scientific data supporting ear candling. Most doctors and healthcare institutes discourage its use due to its harmful effects. Therefore, it is better to consult professionals for this problem. An ENT specialist can remove excessive wax buildup. He will perform the risk-free and clean procedure.

At home, you can use a damp cloth to clean ear wax. The fact is it does not correctly remove the wax. Further, cotton tips may push the ear wax deep inside the ear. The excessive ear wax causes ear blockage. Get your ear cleaned by Bebird. It is easy and safe for elders and children. It is a soft device that provides damage-resistant ear care.

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